How to be a better athlete

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Increase your sport level and use the knowledge used by the best athletes in the world!


Why do you need this eBook?

This eBook is the result of many years of experience in training the best athletes in the world. It contains the necessary information about professional preparation for sport performance. It is an excellent compendium of knowledge for both competitors and trainers. No matter what is your current fitness level, you will find here valuable tips to be implemented straight away! Gain the knowledge reserved so far only for the best competitors! Raise your sport level and enjoy better results.


💥 How to achieve your dream sport performance?

💥 How to raise your fitness level?

💥 How to achieve better results?


No matter what sport you practice, this eBook is written especially for you. By reading it, you will learn step by step how to become a better athlete and how to train effectively! Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of a trainer preparing his competitors for the most important sport competitions. Train wisely and develop holistically!


Who is this eBook for?

– all athletes who want to improve their results,

– all trainers who are looking for a source of professional knowledge,

– everyone working in sport who wishes to better understand the environment in which they are operating,

– all those who want to start their adventure with sport and search for professional knowledge.


Who is the author?


Dorian Łomża – Trainer of motor preparation for Polish Olympians. Responsible for the physical preparation of many medallists of the Olympic Games, as well as World and European Championships.

He works on a daily basis with players at the highest sport level, being responsible for their physical preparation. He combines knowledge in the field of physiotherapy, functional training, biomechanics and physiology of physical effort. He cooperates with the best sports centres in Poland and abroad.


His competitors are successful at major sporting events all around the world.

Dorian is a university lecturer, author of many training courses.

Based on his knowledge and experience, he has helped many athletes achieve their dream result and reach for medals.


He works with competitors from many disciplines – athletics, fencing, triathlon, modern pentathlon, canoeing.



What will you find inside?


CHAPTER 1. Analysis of the sport discipline

How do you analyse the sport you train? Do you know what elements to look for to train more effectively?


CHAPTER 2. Motor skills

What motor skills should you work on? What are your weakest links?


CHAPTER 3. Functional and motor tests used in sport

What tests are worth doing to train better? What tests are performed by Olympic champions?


CHAPTER 4. Individual competitor profile

Do you know how to build an individual competitor profile? What should you pay attention to when planning training?


CHAPTER 5. Injury prevention

How can you minimise the risk of injury? How can you train in good health?


CHAPTER 6. Programming of functional training

What is functional training? What exercises are worth introducing to everyday training?


CHAPTER 7. Programming of strength training

Why should every competitor work on strength? How can you arrange and plan the strength training?


CHAPTER 8. Developing energy systems

What energy system is key to the discipline you are practicing? How can you develop speed, power and endurance?


CHAPTER 9. Periodisation of the training process

How can you plan the peak of performance for specific competitions? What does the annual training plan of the best competitors look like?


CHAPTER 10. Regeneration and overtraining control

What are the most effective regeneration measures? How can you control your level of fatigue?


CHAPTER 11. Nutrition 

How do you calculate energy demand by taking into consideration the discipline you are practicing? How can you set up a well-balanced diet adapted to individual preferences?


CHAPTER 12. Supplementation.

Which supplements are worth using? Why are most supplements not working?

Discover the list of supplements that really work and which you can use in your preparations.



Proven knowledge based on many years of experience in training the best competitors in the world!


No matter if you are an amateur or a professional, you can now gain knowledge reserved so far for only the best athletes!


Raise your performance and train like a pro!

Dorian Łomża

Dorian Łomża

Trener przygotowania motorycznego, trener personalny, instruktor kulturystyki i lekkiej atletyki